Google Workspace (Previously G Suite, previously Google Apps) - Business Productivity Tools

Clever Email, Shared Calendars, Online Documents (& more)

Quite simply, the worlds most convenient and full featured online email platform for business. Get setup almost instantly with the most advanced business tools. It's inexpensive, effective and a real leveller as smaller companies can have the same features and abilities as large companies for the first time.

A Secure Network for your staff - Online

Get your staff connected, sharing documents, calendars and appointments painlessly and for a fraction of the cost of setting up an internal or remote network for your business. No software needed to be installed and constantly upgraded, no hard-wired networks, no expensive servers and no downtime from equipment failures! Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't - its here now and we're using it for our business as are most of our current clients.

Redundancy in case of Accident or Theft

Say that your business has been broken into and the computers that you run your day to day operation are stolen, or that all your equipment is burned in a fire. How long will it take you to get replacements up and running with new software installed and you email systems connected to the network? Because we use Google Apps in our own business, we can be up and running again in the case of an emergency in exactly the same amount of time as it takes to switch a replacement computer on and to login our web-based applications.

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