Email Newsletter Broadcasts

Custom Email Templates for Your Organisation

Email Newsletters can easily be sent in HTML format so that your business is presented as professionally and attractively as possible. Subscribers also can have the option of switching to Plain Text emails so that no-one needs to be excluded. Simply provide us with your logos and branding (or we can create business logos all for you) and we create the templates on your behalf. Once one has been made, it can be used over and over again.

Send your own or We Can Send Them for You

Using our online login, our clients can login to their account, create a new campaign and send out broadcast emails with a great deal of ease. Alternatively, we can organise the email newsletters and manage the campaigns on our client's behalf. We can also help with copywriting, which can be a very time-consuming activity for time-constrained clients.

Maintain a list of Subscribers and have it Automatically Cleaned

Clients can upload their current list of subscribers, and setup forms on their website and in their business to capture new email addresses. These subscriber lists can then be segmented according to different categories and email campaigns can be targeted to separate segments as often as the client likes. With complex yet easy to use subscriber management tools, the subscriber lists maintain themselves as subscribers have full control over their subscription status from right inside the emails they receive. Additionally, rules can be setup so that bounced emails will deactivate subscribers after a certain number of failed attempts.

Full Colour & Graphical Reports on the Campaign Performance

Keep track of how many people open their emails. This can also track the links from inside the emails so that you can run tests to find out which subject matters your audience are most interested in. Additionally, all of this can be tied into the Analytics tracking of your site so that you can then go on to find out what people do after they click those links - an awesome combination!

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