Enquiry Generating Websites

Websites are the Most Cost-Effective Way of Generating Enquiries

Not only is the cost per enquiry orders of magnitude less that through other mediums (e.g. direct marketing, radio, newpaper, TV advertising), but it also the most transparent and accountable means of advertising that has ever existed. There is no medium that is able to be tracked as well as website traffic. Additionally, the fact that virtually no human interaction is required means that the costs associated per enquiry are incredibly low.

Guiding the Enquires

Using unique telephone numbers and customised forms, it's possible to track and guide the interactions visitors have with client websites. Careful construction of webforms can serve the dual fucntion of making the respondant feel at ease while completing the form (knowing that their interests are being acknowledged) and also to make the handling of the enquiry more efficient by ensuring the required information is gathered as early possible.

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