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Analytics & Reporting

Detailed reporting is critical to improving the performance of websites

It is VERY important to understand what visitors are doing when they go to a website that is setup to promote. Anlytics software is so advanced that it can track what Keywords people use to find a website, how long they spend there, what they look at and where they are from as well as much, much more.

Online Shops - Ecommerce Stores

Web Stores - Sell Your Products Online

There is nothing more satisfying than opening your email seeing confirmation emails that sales have been made an ecommerce store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only that, but that they were made without any human interaction required at all. That's the magic of a well designed web-store, it does the selling for you and handles the transaction processing as well. Perfect!

Enquiry Generating Websites

Websites are the Most Cost-Effective Way of Generating Enquiries

Not only is the cost per enquiry orders of magnitude less that through other mediums (e.g. direct marketing, radio, newpaper, TV advertising), but it also the most transparent and accountable means of advertising that has ever existed. There is no medium that is able to be tracked as well as website traffic. Additionally, the fact that virtually no human interaction is required means that the costs associated per enquiry are incredibly low.

Adwords - Consulting & Management

Drive Instant Traffic to Your Website

Google Adwords can drive traffic to your website the instant that it's turned on. In addition to being highly targeted, we have complete control over the words and phrases that are targeted, the text that gets displayed when the ad is activated, the regions that are to be targeted and, most importantly, we have complete control over the amount that gets spent on a daily basis.

Online Marketing

Marketing methods that increase site traffic

There are many methods, both online and off, that can be used to bring visitors to a site.  Specific techniques we use vary from site to site, but we usually use a combination of the following:

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Wesbite Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term given to the creation or modification of a website, so that Search Engines (primarily Google) are able to read and thoroughly understand what a website is all about and to ensure that it gets categorised correctly in it's Search Engine index.The benefits of this are clear - it means that there is a much greater chance of a site appearing in the Search Results of people who are searching for the goods and services that the site was created to promote.

Graphic Design & Media

Logo & Brand Design

What does your logo and brand say about your business? The power of a good logo, and a bad logo, cannot be under estimated. A good logo is a simple, and easily recognisable visual representation of your business. The colours, shapes, fonts and words used need to communicate the personality of your company in a way that attracts your target market. When these aspects of logo design are approached with your business' objectives in mind, the result is a powerful logo that is integral to the face of your company.

Google Workspace (Previously G Suite, previously Google Apps) - Business Productivity Tools

Clever Email, Shared Calendars, Online Documents (& more)

Quite simply, the worlds most convenient and full featured online email platform for business. Get setup almost instantly with the most advanced business tools. It's inexpensive, effective and a real leveller as smaller companies can have the same features and abilities as large companies for the first time.

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